Thermal processing is the established method of controlling foodborne pathogens in ready to eat packaged food. The main objective of the thermal processing is to ensure that the process temperature is maintained for sufficiently long time that the pathogens or spores are reduced to a level that they are not harmful to the human beings. The first detailed study of this was undertaken way back in 1895 and till today the process is more or less the same. It is very important for the food processer to prove that his processed food meets this requirements.

G-Tek’s data acquisition products like SC5x9xPro, LmNet or Paperless recorders when used along with gtekNet software gives the ready calculation of Lethality (F0 / Fh Value) for the process. It gives the graphical representation also for better understanding of the process. gtekNet is a client-server based software. gtekNet fetches data from various devices connected over ETHERNET and stores in a central server. User can login to software from any remote location using any browser and perform all the activities. gtekNet has a role based access control. It is also 21CFR Part 11 compliant. Every activity of the user is logged in and recorded in the Audit trail with new and previous value for the auditor to review at later date. Automatic Reports can be configured and send to the registered emails / users. There are many more features to explore.

These systems are widely used in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Milk and Dairy industries.

Compute Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) for the storage or transit of perishable food.

“Mean kinetic temperature: A single derived temperature that, if maintained over a defined period of time, affords the same thermal challenge to a drug substance or drug product as would be experienced over a range of both higher and lower temperatures for an equivalent defined period. The mean kinetic temperature is higher than the arithmetic mean temperature and takes into account the Arrhenius equation.” [1]

Mean kinetic temperature or MKT is the single most important parameter in case of food or drug being store or transported for a period of time. Since with the rise in temperature the activity of spores also increases, even a small excursion above the recommended temperature will have adverse effect on the food or drug. MKT is a mathematical calculation and its formula is cumbersome to apply. G-Tek’sLmView software along with its LM series of data loggers can calculate the MKT for you on a click of a button. The software is 21CFR Part 11 compliant (Optional). LM series of data loggers are available in 3 models. LmTransit for one time use mainly for transportation of food and drugs. LM-Temperature, reusable temperature data logger with internal and external sensor to suit any requirement of customer. LM-RH is useful when you want to monitor temperature and %RH simultaneously. MKT is also a standard feature in G-Tek’sclinet-server software gtekNet.

Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages industry can benefit the most from using these state of the art instruments along with software.