WHO guidelines recommend that all the medicines produced shall be stored at the recommended storage condition. This requirement is not limited to storage only but in the entire cold chain till the point of delivery to the customer. This may require the control of temperature or humidity or both for the storage and in transit area. The facility must be validated by monitoring recommended temperature and/or humidity at multiple points before it is declared fit for usage. Once the facility is validated and declared fit for use, depending on the size of the storage area, sensors will be placed at multiple points to continuously monitor them. It is important that these data be recorded and be made available for review.

G-Tek’s SC5xSeries multichannel data logger are very useful in recording and storing these data. These data logger come with large internal storage of 16GB. Data can be transferred to a centralized server over Ethernet port. This eliminates dedicated, specialized and long RS485 network wiring. A client-server based gtekNet application running on the server, enable user to run the application from anywhere using standard browser. 21CFR Part 11 compliance ensures that data is not manipulated and is available anytime anywhere along with Audit trail.

G-Tek has various other products like LmNet, Little Master series of data logger etc. to use for data logging. For right selection of the product in your application please contact our application engineer.

This monitoring is also required in various industries like Milk and Dairy, Food and Beverages, Cold storages, Cold Chains, Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and various warehouse applications.