LM-U PRO Series Data logger

The LM-U PRO series data loggers are universal input handheld data loggers. It can take all standard sensors like Pt-100; popular thermocouples like TC-J, K, R, S, T; process inputs like 4-20mA or 0-1V. Operating on standard AA battery with a long battery life it will easily find a place where portable measurements are required. With internal data storage up to 32000 records, user can store the data and retrieve them later for further study or for record purpose. User can also apply TAG – a reding taken at a specific time other than store interval. It helps user to capture some specific event. USB port is provided to configure or download the data from the device.



Key Features:

  • Universal Sensor input type (RTD, 0-1Volt,0-20mA,4-20 mA, TC – J,K,R,S,T).
  • 32000 Data Records.
  • Logging Interval is user programmable from 1 sec to 18 hours.
  • LCD Display with Min, Max, Battery Status, Alarm Hi-Low and Current Temperature.
  • View Min. and Max. On display over entire batch on click of a button
  • Display resolution of 1.
  • Storage resolution of 0.1
  • Battery life of >3 year
  • 2 X AA Replaceable batteries.
  • Insert instantaneous data (TAG) with time stamp.
  • Download multiple data loggers in same file and view them together.
  • Connect through Micro USB data cable.



Model No6003-x1 LM-U-Pro Data logger
Display and Operator Panels
Display Type 3.5 Character LCD Display with Min, Max, Battery Status, Alarm Hi-Low and Current Temperature
Display Dimension33 x 30 mm; TN Reflective
Display Resolution0.1 / 1.0
Display ON/OFF/Auto offProgrammable from PC Application
Status Indicator

HB LED for Device working

STR LED for Batch Start / Stop

Panel KeysFront panel KB consisting of 2 keys
Min / MaxMin Data Display / Max Data Display / Current Data with respect to Current Measurement
Display Blinkingon Alarm high – low Condition
Reading TypesActual with Min Max. ON Display and PC
Sensor ConnectivitySensor Failure Indication on Display (Open or Short)
Analog Input Details
No of Inputs1
Sensor Input Type; Range and Accuracy 
ThermocouplesTypes J, K, R, S, T
RTD PT-100; DIN43760, σ=0.00385
Vdc 0-1V
mA4-20mA; 0-20mA (Internal Shunt Resistance of 50 Ω 0.1%)
Accuracy  ± 0.25% FSD ±1 digit
Linearization  Polynomial Based Software Linearization
Resolution0.1 / 1.0
CJC Error  ±0.5˚C for 0-50˚C
Sensor Type and RangeRefer to the Table 1
Batch Storage / Data Memory Details
Start / StopImmediate
Batch StopIntermediate Any time / Memory Full / After n Reading / At Specific Time
Store Interval1 Seconds to 18 Hrs
Delayed StartAbsolute / Relative up to 45 days
TaggingYes. On long press of a Key with an indication on display
Batch Stop required to DownloadNo
Data Storage Yes
Memory32000 Data Records
Memory TypeFlash, Non-volatile, Data Retention up to 100 years
Download BatchIntermediate after any time the batch started/After the Batch is completed
Temperature (Operation)5˚C to 45˚C
 (Limiting) 0˚C to 50˚C
 (Storage)-20˚C to 60˚C
Humidity (Operation) 10 to 80 % RH Non-Condensing
 (Storage) 5 to 90 % RH Non-Condensing
Power Requirement
Supply Voltage (Battery Operated)3 V 2700mAH 2 X AA (1.5V) battery; User Replaceable
Battery Life>3 Year, at 25˚C and 15min Store Interval
Battery Reverse PolarityProtected
Restore CalibrationUser can revert to original factory calibration any time
Online FeaturePower saver mode when USB connected, Online Batch with Current Data Display using LmView software on PC
ConnectivityMicro USB data cable (USB 2.0, USB 3.0 Compatible)
Data Download Time≈ 3 sec for 32000 data records
EMI-EMCEN 61326 Class A
Pollution DegreeII
Installation Category IV
Vibration2g Peak (10Hz-150Hz)
ShockIEC 61010-1
IP RatingIP50
Overall Dimension
Dimension L x W x D (mm)157 (L) x 76 (W) x 27 (H)
MountingWall Mounting Bracket. (Optional)

Table 1 – Sensor Type, and Range

RTD (Pt-100)-190 to 700°C
4-20mA± 1999
0-20mA± 1999
0-1V± 1999
J type TC0 to +400
K type TC0 to +1200
R type TC0 to +1700
S type TC0 to +1700
T type TC-100 to +400

*Features depends on the options ordered; Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Order Code

Data LoggerSensor TypePressure RangCommunication TypeSoftware TypeMemory Type
66X Pro0



0No Pressure3USB 6LM View Non Secure1Memory
         7LM view Secure  

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