Series SC9x PRO Scanner

The PRO series of SC9x multichannel data logger is a high-speed data logger. They incorporate the state of the art Sigma Delta ADCs with 24bits of resolution for high accuracy and speed. 4×20 characters backlit LCD display with white over blue characters make it visible from the distance. These data loggers measure up to 96 channels of any process parameters or standard RTD and Thermocouple inputs. Scannig all the channels, be it 8 or 96, in less than 3 seconds, makes it very useful for validation of any process. With internal memory for storing data, it helps store validation parameters and retrieve them later for generating reports.

These data loggers along with gtekNetTM series of Software makes a complete solution for 21CFR Part II compliance. Various industry specific validation reports are built-in to the software. This makes it very easy for the user to meet the qualification / validation requirements of the certifying agencies and meeting various quality standards. User defined Password protected menus does not allow any unauthorized changes either from PC or from key-board.  Every change is reported either online or in offline mode. TCP/IP, Ethernet port is a standard. USB host is available as an option to connect external mass storage device to store or transfer the data. It also supports MODBUS TCPIP protocol. it can easily form a part of the large networked data logger.