About Us

G-Tek started its journey about 25 years back in process measurement with a simple theme “Record it…Control it…Perfect it.” Today we are one of the major players helping our customers monitor their vital process parameters, record them, analyse and help meet the compliance requirement. Infact, we have taken this mantra literally to every area of operations in our business. We believe that recording is the first step towards improving quality and performance. As a glimpse, we record the data of First Pass Yield (FPY) during all operations of manufacturing and quality. We take a perpetual inventory, we have daily randomized internal audit to ensure that every department and person is adhering to his/her quality objective. All these has helped us achieve more than 4σ of reliability. Our designs follow a simple rule of “Simplify to a level that DIVYANGS* can do DIVYA” – make it such user friendly – to produce, to test and finally for the customer that it is intuitive and easy to handle without making mistakes. And the testimony is, we have 10% of our employees who are deaf and mute, whowork in all areas of production, QC and store. Our designs follow the Taguchi Method of Robust Design along with Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to arrive at customer needs to product features to design requirements and control parameters. It is this passion for Recording, Controlling and Perfecting that is leading us to be “Better by Performance”.


We want to monitor and record all measurable process / environmental parameters so that it can help improve the process / environment and thereby the quality of the process / environment.


Better by Performance.

Quality Policy

We are committed to deliver quality electronic products to ensure customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in all areas of operation and design

Environmental Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment while delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations by continually improving in all areas of operations and design in an Environmentally responsible manner, legal or otherwise.

Team G-Tek