A process plant has many critical to control process parameters. Their location can be wide apart. Running a cable to the centralized location from the monitoring point is a cumbersome task. Even the field noise like EMI/EMC from the large inductive loads will modify the signal and measurement can be lot more erroneous and difficult. With a localized monitoring using a datalogger and communicating the data real time over Ethernet to a centralized location is a way to go. G-Tek offers its LmNet, SC5x/9xPro and Paperless recorders to connect seamlessly to the centralized software gtekNet.

gtekNet is a client-server based software. The main software resides in the central server which from time to time keeps collecting the data from all the devices connected on network. The user can see these data based on his role and perform all the tasks assigned to his role from any client computer connected on network through browser. Client machines does not need to install any software. 21CFR Part 11 compliance with Audit trail is a built-in feature. User can configure reports and generate them automatically at predefined time. Auto generated reports can be emailed to the assigned users automatically. SMS and Voice alerts over GSM are easy to configure and send.

These are widely useful in monitoring processes in Cold Chain application, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk drug manufacturers, Food and Beverages, Milk and Dairy Producers, Environmental monitoring, Fermentation processes, Tyre plants and many more.