Pasteurization is a process that helps reduce and destroy the number of harmful pathogens/bacteria in the product which otherwise can cause harm to human health. It is one of the most critical process in production of milk, cheese, juice and alcohol. It is mandatory for all the manufacturers to produce evidence that the products undergoing pasteurization has meet the required national/international standards. For this most of the manufacturer employ a separate data acquisition system for monitoring and recording of the process parameters. Pasteurization is a carried out as either batch process or a continuous process.

G-Tek’s SmartScreen series of paperless recorders are employed to measure the temperature of the hot product and cold product. It also takes the input of the divert valve position. User can see the trend chart in the format that suits him like circular chart or strip chart format. A special model has been evolved specifically for pasteurization plant that along with monitoring the process data also helps in controlling the valve position to divert the fluid if the hot product temperature goes below certain limit. G-Tek provides gtekNetTM - A client-server based software, that allows the data to be captured real time on a server and seen from any client anywhere under intranet or over internet.

With the help of gtekNetTM software user can share data between various departments. Data can also be analyzed easily. Report can be automatically generated and send through email to the recipients automatically. SMS/Voice alerts can be generated in case of alarm conditions. User can also see multiple recorder’s data simultaneously or individually. It has some built-in reports that are tailored to the requirement of the tyre industry.

Besides Pasteurization industry, they are also useful in monitoring process parameters in tyre, freeze drying, sterilization, environmental parameters monitoring, fermentation processes, flow and heat treatment and various other process parameters in wide-ranging industries.