Invention of a wheel has marked a very important mile stone in the history of mankind. That brought in the first revolution in the way mankind was leaving. Even till today this is the single most invention that has remained the most important part in our life. With the advent in technology and knowledge, we moved from wooden wheel to rubber wheels, known as tyres in modern days. Based on the application of a tyre, it can be of various types and sizes. Whatever be the size of tyre or composition of tyre, the manufacturing process more or less is the same. Curing is a very vital process in the making of a tyre. It is the process which makes the tyre in the form we know it.

Process control and monitoring is very important here. Generally, pressure and temperature are monitored and closely examined during this process. G-Tek’s SmartScreen series recorders help monitor various parameters simultaneously. User can see the trend chart in the format that suits him like circular chart or strip chart format. A special model has been evolved specifically for tyre plant that along with monitoring the process data also helps in counting the no of tyres manufactured. G-Tek provides gtekNetTM - A client-server based software, that allows the data to be captured real time on a server and seen from any client anywhere under intranet or over internet.

With the help of gtekNetTM software user can share data between various departments. Data can also be analyzed easily. Report can be automatically generated and send through email to the recipients automatically. SMS/Voice alerts can be generated in case of alarm conditions. User can also see multiple recorder’s data simultaneously or individually. It has some built-in reports that are tailored to the requirement of the tyre industry.

Besides tyre industry, they are also useful in monitoring process parameters in Pasteurization, freeze drying, sterilization, environmental parameters monitoring, fermentation processes, flow and heat treatment and various other process parameters in wide-ranging industries.