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Temperature, Humidity, and Altitude

Scanners for data acquisition and control systems for Temperature, Humidity, and Altitude. Record and maintain data from multiple channels we facilitate up to 24 Channels for data scanning/ recording.

Scanner - SC5x

Upto 24 Channel data scanning/ recording. 1 Second / Channel scan rate. Internal storage to retrieve the data at later stage. Dump the stored data on Printer or PC. Connect using RS232 / RS485 / USB or TCPIP. Connect pen drive to download store data. Very useful for continuous monitoring of warehouse, cold storage etc. AqWireTM, gtekNetTM Compatible.

Scanner - LmNet

An Ideal Solution when you are looking to scan and store a large amount of data sets with a need for frequent monitoring

Networked data logger. Larger memory storage of 32000 data sets. Up to 4 channels. Bright 0.8” LED display. TCPIP Interface. Monitor data from anywhere using standard browser. Sleek elegant design. Separate room temperature monitoring. Built in user settable high low alarm set points. Buzzer to indicate the alarm. gtekNetTM Compatible. Very useful for continuous monitoring.

GSM Alert for Scanners

Connect up to 5 potential free alerts to send SMS / voice call. Built-in Buzzer to indicate alarm condition. Battery backup up to 12 hrs. User settable phone list. Download the history of alert, and success / failure of SMS / Voice alerts. USB connectivity. GSMViewTM compatible. 21CFR Part 11 compliant model available.

Scanner - ERC800

Networked relay / alarm unit with GSM interface for SMS and / or Voice call facility. Upto 12 independent relay settable through gtekNetTM. User can send any string on the display in case of alarm. GSM interface for Voice / SMS alerts.

AqWireTM for Scanners

WindowsTM based application to connect SC5x and SC9x Scanner / Data logger. Intuitive, user friendly software. Most popular. 21CFR Part 11 compliant. Generate various validation reports on click of a button. Database backup and restore facility.

Gteknet for our Scanners

WindowsTM based client-server application to connect complete scanner / data logger products from G-Tek. Access data from anywhere in the world using any popular browser. Intuitive, user friendly software. 21CFR Part 11 compliant. Generate various reports on click of a button. Auto generation of report and emailing them available. Plug n Play any new device. Database backup and restore facility.

Add-on Features for our Scanners

21CFR Part 11 Compliance Software

Networked Software

Memory Size

Universal Sensor Input

Serial to RS485 Converter

Serial to TCP/IP Converter

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