Various additives are generally added to natural rubber to make them suitable for specific applications. To mix these additives in rubber and make the mixture homogeneous, either Intermix or Banbury is used depending on the end application. During this mixing process, it is very important to maintain temperature, pressure and rpm of the rotor.

G-Tek’s SmartScreen series recorders or G-Tek’sSmartchart series of circular chart recorder help monitor various parameters simultaneously. RPM is also recorded through its process output like 0-1V or 4-20mA. User can see the trend chart in the format that suits him like circular chart. G-Tek provides gtekNetTM - A client-server based software. The data captured by the paperless recorder or chart recorder is sent to a server connected through ETHERNET in real time. User can see data from any client anywhere under intranet or over internet. gtekNetTM software lets user share data between departments and users. Statistical data analysis and certain industry specific reports are built-in in the software for ease of reporting. Reports can also be sent via email automatically. User can also see multiple recorder’s data simultaneously or individually. SMS/Voice alerts can be generated in case of alarm conditions.

These products are widely used in monitoring process parameters in Pasteurization, freeze drying, sterilization, environmental parameters monitoring, fermentation processes, flow and heat treatment and various other process parameters in wide-ranging industries.