General Details of Data Loggers

Data loggers are electronic devices designed to monitor, record, and store data from various sensors over time. They are commonly used in industries such as cold chain, pharmaceutical, dairy, tyre, blood banks, vaccine, environmental monitoring etc.

Data loggers are compact, portable, and capable of measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, and more.

User friendly interface, intuitive control, easy to use, accurate and affordable solutions for data logging.

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lm transit - G-Tek India

Data Logger - LM Transit

LM Transit is single use portable temperature data logger for shipping and transport. Easy to use, accurate, and affordable for challenging environments. EN 12830 compliant for quality and reliability.

Data Logger - LM Pro T

G-Tek’s LM Pro T data loggers are  Easy-to-use, accurate, and affordable solutions for monitoring temperature and environmental parameters. Offers USB connectivity for PC. Ideal for industries prioritizing environmental conditions. Programmable and reusable loggers with direct USB connectivity.

View 3_LM Pro T - G-Tek India

Data Logger - LM Pro H

LM Pro H are easy to use portable data logger & provide affordable solution for environmental monitoring condition. It measure temperature & humidity at once. It comes with 21CFR Part 11 Compliant version. It is widely used in the field where maintaining optimal temperature & humidity is critical.

Data Loggers - LM-U Pro

LM-U Pro is an external sensor temperature data logger with the universal sensor- RTD/Thermocouple/process input. Ideal for pharma, blood banks & cold chain application. Data can be easily transfer to computer through USB connectivity. The device can be easily configured via software to monitor the process parameter and displaying of data for analysis and generating the report.

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View 6_LM-XS Pro ULT - G-Tek India


The LM-XS Pro ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) Data logger is an external sensor data logger. The RTD (Pt-100) sensor is available for extended temperature range of -200 to +200 °C. Ideal for monitoring temperature in application like blood plasma, vaccine & frozen foods. The device saves data up to 120 days. All the parameters and alarm limits can be configured using software application.

LM- P Pressure

The LM- P Pressure data logger is a device used to monitor & measure pressure over the time.  It is also known as differential pressure data logger with two pressure input. The device is field programmable for most common of the eight measuring units. Programming of various parameters like, unit, alarm limits, calibration parameters (zero and span), communication parameters etc. are all settable through 4 keys. It is very helpful in monitoring differential pressure especially for clean rooms.

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Add-on Features For Our Data Loggers

21 CFR 11 Compliant software

Fully configurable parameters

Memory Size

Clearly visible OK /Alarm status

PC Interface

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