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There are many products which are manufactured in the industries. It is necessary to know the temperature of a product and to what extent the temperature is exposed on a product. From medical equipment, heating food before the process of canning to sterilized surgical equipment, one should know the precise temperature and duration. In such
Data Loggers And Their Role In Data Acquisition-G-Tek Corporation
Data loggers are basically electronic devices which helps in the automatic monitoring and recording of the environmental parameters with time. This allows the environmental conditions to be appropriately measured which is then properly documented. After the documentation of the data, they are analysed and ultimately validated for getting a detailed idea about the process where
What is a Temperature Data logger?  There are a number of industries where it becomes extremely important to know about the exact temperature that a product has been exposed to and for the exact duration of time of exposure. Whether in case of sterilization of surgical instruments or other medical devices, in an autoclave or
Data Acquisition System With Data Recorders-G-Tek Corporation India
What is Data Acquisition? Data acquisition as can be understood from the name is a method or a process of collection of data or information for the purpose of documenting or analysing some of the specific phenomenon. The acquisition of the necessary data plays a vital role in a detailed understanding of the overall process
Data loggers are basically data recorders which are electronic devices helping in the recording of data over time or in relation to the location with either an instrument or sensor that is already built in. With the advancement in technology, digital processors are being used in the recent times in the data loggers. The data
Temperature scanners find a wide range of application in a number of fields especially where there are requirements of acquisition of data and control systems. The speciality of multichannel temperature scanners is that they are able to record and maintain data from a number of channels at the same time. In an addition to this,
Data recording helpful in food and beverage processing Industry-G-Tek Corporation
For food and beverage processes it is important to show evidence that the necessary process parameters have been met and for this data recording and reporting are important. They also additionally provide benefits regarding efficiency. Some advantages of data recording in food and beverage processing industry are: Recording data for demonstration of energy efficiency Energy
Difference Between A Chart Recorder And Data Logger
Environmental Monitoring has gained great significance in current years with growth of social consciousness. There are mainly two devices that are frontrunners in this category – Chart Recorder and Data Logger. Chart recorders are devices operated mechanically that comprise of rotation of paper chart around a center hub. Simultaneously an articulating arm draws on the
Importance of Data Recorder for Dairy Processing Plants-G-Tek Corporation Pvt Ltd
Dairy process plants are the most important places where temperature recording and other similar data recording is extremely vital. This is because data recording in the dairy processing plants play a crucial role in the quality of the products so produced at these plants. For this purpose, it is quite essential to make use of
Advantages of Using Paperless Recorders-G-Tek Corporation Pvt Ltd
We are presently living in a modern world of advanced technology and we usually come across a variety of products which are digital in nature. In the field of data logging, digitalisation has a played a vital role as well. With the help of advanced technology, the manufacturers have come up with the new concept