Ideal Storage Recorders for Blood Banks
A responsible blood bank ensures distribution of safe blood products. In Blood Banks temperature is an important parameter in guaranteeing transfusion. Safety and Regulations are very clear on the subject. A storage recorder intact with blood bank refrigerator functions and displays reports and data regulating the temperature. Greater monitoring is needed during RBC storage at blood bank
Use Of Data Logger In The Rubber And Tire Industry
Data loggers are required for a multitude of reasons, frequently to ensure compliance with industry specific regulations, and quality and environmental control procedures. They also help to save costs through energy efficiency/environmental management or reducing wastage of non- compliant or damaged goods. With years of excellence in the journey in both service and manufacturing of
Applications For Circular Chart Recorders-Gtek-Corporation-India
Circular Chart recorders can be defined as instruments to store data points for a specific time period on a round chart. With the help of the data retrieved from sensors, the instrument functions by a uniform rotation with the pens plotting the data radially with proportion to the received signal. There are standard time periods
Application of Data Loggers in the Food Industry - G-Tek Corporation India
With 25 years of journey in both service and manufacturing of process measurement, G-Tek has served as being the reliable industry in India for Chart Recorders, Data Loggers, Storage Recorders, Scanners etc. G-Tek’s data loggers are being used by several beverage and food industries in India for quality, process control and packaging. Data Loggers are proven
Selecting The Perfect Data Loggers For Your Process Parameters-Gtek-corporation-India
G-TEK is a 25year old illustrious brand in the field of Process measurement. As manufacturers of Data Loggers, there are several types of Data Logger the organization offers including LM-Internal Sensor, LM-Transit, LM- External LM-RH and LM-View. However while choosing the perfect Data Logger, there are many factors that must be contemplated. A data logger