Data Logger | LM-T PRO RF

The LM-T-PRO RF series of wireless data logger is a new RF based data logger that measures temperature and transmits data using Radio Frequency to eliminate clumsy and time-consuming wiring requirements. These data loggers are very useful in monitoring data across large facilities as they do not require any wiring. Deployment is very quick and easy. Data are sent by each device directly to the centralized broker (repeater) device and from there to gtekNetTM software over ethernet port. These data can be accessed from any network connected device using standard web browser.

The data logger consists of RF radio transmitter and receiver operating at 869.88 MHz (SRD License Free: EU Version) frequency. These data loggers form a star network with its broker. The broker is connected to the client-server based gtekNetTM software through ethernet. A new data logger when it is in the range of the central node – broker, gets connected to the gtekNetTM. Each device transmits its data to the broker and is captured in gtekNetTM. Any parameter of the data logger when set / changed from gtekNetTM, first goes to the broker and then to the device. These data loggers have an internal memory of 3000 data sets. In the event of communication failure between broker and device or broker and gtekNetTM, after reconnection, all the missed data will be synchronized by gtekNetTM automatically. This ensures that no data is missed.

  • RF based data logger
  • Up to 100m range (Line of Sight – Actual range may vary based on site condition)
  • No wiring required
  • Quick to deploy
  • LCD Display
  • Long battery life > 1year at 15min Store interval
  • Resolution of 0.1
  • Upto 3000 data storage
Model No Lm PRO RF Temperature Datalogger
Product Code 6111-x6
Display and Operator Panels
Display Type LCD Display, 31/2 digits;
Status Indicator Unit Indication, Individual High and Low Alarm Indication, Battery Status and Storage on Indication
Analog Input Details
Sensor Types: (PCB mounted, Internal Sensors)
Temperature Thermistor 10K / Solid-state
Range -30 °C to + 60 °C
Accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Resolution 0.1
Measurement Rate 5 min Default
Batch Storage / Data Memory Details
Start / Stop Remote Start – Stop through gtekNetTM Software
Store Interval 5 minutes to 18 Hrs
Memory Size 3000 records;
Memory Type Rollover
Temperature (Storage) -40˚C to 70˚C
Humidity (Storage) 5 to 90 % RH Non Condensing
Power Requirement
Supply Voltage Internal 2x1.5V 2500mAH battery size AA
Battery Life >12 months @ 25 Deg C, communication @ every 5 mins approx
Communication Rate 5 minutes default
RF Transmission 869.88 MHz (SRD License Free: EU Version)
Power Tx: 10dBm

Rx: -40dBm

Protocol Proprietary
Range 100m Line of Sight approx.

(may vary based on the field conditions and interferences)

Network Topology Star
RF Data Packet Standard IEEE 802.15.4, open communication architecture
Antenna Integrated on PCB Omnidirectional
Alarm Output
Alarm Set-point High/Low individually settable for each channel
Alarm Indication With Display Flashing and arrow to indicate High or Low
Alarm Delay User Settable - 0 to 255 mins
Overall Dimension
Dimension L x W x D (mm) 135 x 75 x 30 Approx
Protection Class IP54

No Accessories are supported.