LMViewXS E006 Application

Windows Based PC Application for LM-XS Pro E006 series data loggers

G-Tek’s LM-XS Pro E006 series of data loggers are very useful in monitoring/logging of vaccine temperature. These data loggers have internal memory to store the data. The data is stored with a resolution of 0.1. These data loggers come with a USB port to connect it to the PC. User can download, view and generate reports using LMViewXS E006 Software for the Analysis.

The PDF report shows statistical analysis for entire data – min, max, Average, Standard Deviation, MKT. The report contains last 120 days summary with min, max, average temperature, Alarm High/Low Trigger time with duration and sensor connection Error details in table. The graph in report provides the recorded temperature trend with the tags for Alarm high/low, sensor open error etc. This software is also available in 21CFR Part 11 Compliant version.



Key Features:

  • WindowsTM Application
  • Intuitive and user friendly- Few Buttons/Options to play with
  • Grouped in order of activity makes it easy for user to perform task quickly
  • Filter the data based on time
  • Export Data table to CSV file
  • Generate Summary PDF report
  • Statistical Analysis- Min, Max, Average, Std Deviation, MKT calculation
  • Alarm High/Low trigger, Sensor connection Error Tags
  • Date and time adjust Tags
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant (Optional)


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