LMViewIN074 Application

Windows Based PC Application for LM Pro IN074 series Electronic Shipping Indicators

G-Tek’s LM Pro IN074 series of Electronic Shipping Indicators are very useful in monitoring/logging of vaccine temperature. These devices have internal memory to store the data with a resolution of 0.1. These Indicators come with a USB port to connect it to the PC. User can download, view and generate reports using LMViewIN074 Software for the Analysis.

The PDF report shows statistical analysis for entire data – min, max, Average, Standard Deviation, MKT. The report contains last 40 days summary data with min, max, Alarm High/Medium/Low Trigger time with duration details in day-time tabular format. The graph in report provides the recorded temperature trend with the tags for Alarm High/Medium/Low conditions.



Key Features:

  • WindowsTMApplication
  • Intuitive and user friendly- Few Buttons/Options to play with
  • Grouped in order of activity makes it easy for user to perform task quickly
  • Export Data table to CSV file
  • Generate Summary PDF report for up to last 40 days
  • Display events data into day-time tabular format
  • Statistical Analysis- Min, Max, Average, Std Deviation, MKT calculation
  • Alarm High/Medium/Low trigger Tags
  • Graph for quick analysis of data


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