LMViewE051 Application

Windows Based PC Application for LM Pro series User programmable data loggers

G-Tek’s LM Pro series user programmable dat loggers are very useful in monitoring/logging of vaccine temperature. These devices have internal memory to store the data with a resolution of 0.01. The LMViewE051 software is a WindowsTM based application for accompaniment to the LM Pro series of data logger to configure, download, view and generate the reports.

Connect multiple data loggers to merge their data into a single file, enhancing data presentation and facilitating the understanding process. The PDF report provides the options to choose for Summary, Alarm, Tag, Data reports with statistical analysis for entire data – min, max, average, standard deviation, MKT. The graph in report provides the recorded temperature trend with the tags for Alarm High/Low conditions. Also available in 21CFR Part 11 Compliant version.



Key Features:

  • WindowsTMApplication
  • Intuitive and user-friendly – Few Buttons/Options to play with
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • View audit trail based on User, Date – time and Activity
  • Non Editable data
  • Every user activity is logged
  • Auto logout
  • Password expiry
  • Configure and download multiple data loggers
  • View multiple data logger’s data as single tabular data
  • View multiple data logger’s data in as single graph
  • Very useful for validation purpose
  • Mark an event or Tag
  • View Tags in graph as well
  • Generate separate report for tags, summary, Alarms
  • Filter the data based on date and time
  • Statistical calculations – Min, Max, Average, std deviation, MKT
  • Various date formats
  • UTC time selection by user
  • Set your own header/ footer for the report
  • On site calibration/ Restore factory calibration


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